About Us

We are specialized in the installation of continuous concrete pavements with surface finishes in different textures.

Our experience in the sector since 2007 supports us; our qualified team makes us develop our work with quality, in an agile and efficient way in all our applications.

All of our team members are dedicated to the maximum to get solutions and meet their needs. That’s why, a large number of our sales are carried out with repeat customers, as well as personal recommendations.

We install pavements with finishes in:

Aggregates saw, selected aggregates, natural concrete, decorative prints, rehabilitation pavement treatments and new work, polished and polished concrete, paint and epoxy resins.

Our works are applicable in the field:


We work throughout Castilla la Mancha and Madrid. Our company is widely recognized in the sector for the excellent quality of its products and services, continually seeking to satisfy its customers.